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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Vivian came, we spent and we ate.

Vivian has came up to Glasgow for a visit from Reading for the past two days. Vivian, Cying and  I have been spending the days together catching up wit each other's life.
We thought of doing some shopping but time was limited and Glasgow has been too crowded. The city has been packed with tourists who came for the Commonwealth Games for the past few days. There were lots of sales going on at the same time. Unfortunately I don't feel comfortable shopping in a crowded environment. So, I bought no new clothes.

However, I paid my first visit to L'OCCITANE and did my first purchase of the hand cream and beauty cream under Pivoine Flora Series. The series came with scent of roses, which smells really good. Also to match with the rose toner I bought from Japan which I had just started using recently.

I have heard lots of positive reviews from various people about L'OCCITANE. Even after my purchase, I came across another friend who reassured me that a hand-cream-fanatic friend of hers once testimonied L'OCCITANE to have the best hand cream ever. It made me so happy that I bought it, full of hope for smoother hand/skin *twinkles* lol *applies cream generously* hahaha

So, Basically, for the past two days, the most interesting stuff we had, I would say would be the food we ate.
We ate so much. I did not have the photos of every single food but,yea, foodporn! :D

Friday night at The Sisters, Kelvingrove, Glasgow

Shetland mussels in Thistly cross Scottish Cider with crispy Ayrshire bacon, parsley, garlic & Cream

Ill make it short.Fresh and amazing cream!

Ullapool smoked haddock risotto with creamed leeks and soft poached Corrie Main farm egg

Personally, love this starter. Probably, because of the egg. I love poached egg so much. It surprised me when I poked the egg and the orange-yellow yolk burst out and blend into the leek cream, making such beautiful colors. Haddocks are soft and fresh. Loving the balance of texture, soft and crispy.
However, Vivian and Cying thught that the risotto was over cooked, making it feels almost like rice.
Well, I still love it anyway. The name doesnt really matter to me:D

Wild highland Venison Loin, Arran beetroot & cabbage slaw with a Tayside raspberry balsmic glaze

This is my main course. I would say that the Venison Loin, below my expectation, it was not as juicy or tender as the appearance looked like. It was slightly dry. However,  I like the raspberry balsamic glaze very much. The composition would be perfect together if the loin was tender enough, blending its taste together with the glaze. 

As an overall, The Sisters actually falls below our expectation. However, I appreciate the delication of design in their food. So beautiful! Nonetheless, I would say that the composition of ingredients were really great! If only certain ingredient could be properly controlled in the cooking... But these things could be improved by experience. I would like to try it again someday.

Saturday Brunch with Cying at Kember & Jones, Byres Road, Glasgow

Cying ordered Continental Start with an apple muffin and a scone.
The scone was the softest scone I have ever eaten in my life, so far.
They have a mild,  unique scent of spice to it, which is really nice.

I ordered Bacon Waffle and Maple Syrup. SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!
SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
All I can say is, SO GOOOODDDDD *hearts*

Such sweetness, makes the day bright. :D
However, it might be too sweet to be eaten everyday. 
I can't actually go further for a second plate.
I was satisfied, 
anyhow. lol

Saturday Dinner at Anatolia, Hope Street, Glasgow

A turkish restaurant.
Sorry, I did not take much photo for this restaurant. Because...I wasnt so interested...
Somehow, food with lots of spice and creams around does not suit to my liking.
But, this main course I ordered, Dolma, is a stuffed aubergine with rice. Yea.
I struggled eating this, but, it doesnt mean their food was bad.haha
Cying, Vivian and Wling ordered marinated lamb cubes or something similar. Those were superb. 
I was just unlucky.orz

After that, we proceed to the CUP, Glasgow for a little bit of drink.
Cying and Vivian each ordered a mojito.
I asked the bartender for recommendation as I am a total noob.lol
She actually recommended mojitos to me as well. Then, I remembered in the past, I always get recommmendations from friends, who always those like,.. 'girls tend to like this alot' bla bla bla..but I have never liked them after I tried it. So I ended up ordering the unrecommended gin-cocktail, The Martinez. lol 
Da Dang!

Looks like Rising Sun , with a red cherry at the bottom of the glass.
Love it. 
The bitterness, but comes with a little bit of sweetness to it. 
The scent was abit sweet too. It did make me felt calm down, like the smell of lavender.
So, Apparently, I am not a girl. hahah
 I tend to enjoy drinking drinks which are stronger and slightly more bitter.

 We ended our second day with a little bit of chitchat, accompanied with bottles of sparkling juice-like wine.lol

And, I have not been doing anything productive for three days, including work and japanese study or anything. sigh
But, it was really great to be able to talk to my friends and having some sleepovers after so many years.
Even though they talked so much about medicine and pharmacy...lol, expected, when a doctor and a pharmacist meets. Though I didn't understand all those scientific terms, but I was glad they were patient enough to explain it to me when I was confused. Probably I asked alot of amateur questions..lol! It was interesting anyway to hear about things you don't know about. It makes you feel distant from your friend at some point, but at the same time, you will find it amazing to realize how everyone is specializing in something different from each another.:)

Some selfies to end. hahaha

Me and Cying. I straightened her hair! :D
By the way, I really, really, really, think that my face is looking older and older nowadays...starting to look like auntie..., really.
I wanna cry... why why why whyyyyyyy

And, yea, I don't know why, but yes, we did not take any photo with Vivian.lol why????!!
Sorry, vivian. Because you left us. :P

Also, I am actually trying to get back my long fringe, because I wanna look like Avril.ahhahaha
But, maybe because of that I look more auntie?? I don't know.
Maybe I should go back to short fringe and act cute.lol
But no, lets see how it goes... 

Maybe cause I havnt been wearing colour lens for long time, or maybe cause Cohei showed so much hatred towards colour lens.. recently, I somehow felt more comfortable with my look without lenses. But it has became a totally different feeling from what I used to seek.


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