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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Stirling One Day Trip

Cohei is going back to Japan in a few days time for holiday. So, we randomly decided to go somewhere to create some memory together. lol 
We wanted to go to some highlands or isles at first, but we are too broke for it. So, we ended up going for a one-day trip to Stirling Castle.

Early in the morning, not really..lol Around 11am, we hopped onto the train at Queen Street Station and headed to our destination. I had Mocha Cookie Crumble as my breakfast and he had a cup of coffee, as usual. ^^

Stirling Castle is one of the most important castle in Scotland throughout history. Built at least as early as in the early 12th Century, survived through at least 8 sieges including several during the Wars of Scottish Independence. 

This is how it looks like on the exterior. Yep, on a steep hill, which makes it a strategic area for defence.
By the way, I got this photo from internet.Have no idea why I did not take any photo of the exterior.lol

As we were registered under Historic Scotland membership, we have gotten entrance for free. The usual price per adult would costs around  £14.

First thing we did was, LUNCH!
We had Salmon with some salads and homecooked wedges.
The food was soooooooooooooooooo good, for an attached cafe like this.
Love it.
There was some long veges below the salmon which I have no idea of its name. But I really like it. It tastes slightly like cherry (?)

So, we started our visiting shortafter. Ill throw in some photos...Not alot.. Just some sneak peeks for you.

There are some role playing hired by the management around the castle to bring back the old vibes. This old man portrays a Scot Nobleman playing some golf thingy in the garden.

The King's Guard in the King's Inner Hall.
Apparently, the King and Queen each have their own Bed chamber, Inner Hall and Outer Hall which connects sequentially with both the Chamber meets together at the core. The Halls are the places where the King and Queen meets people. Depending on their status, the visitors will be decided to be seen either in the inner or outer hall.

The Queen Chamber. 
Mind the Unicorn Tapestry on the wall. It is heritage skill.

Tapestry Reconstruction in Tapestry Workshop.
Photo taken from internet, as camera was not allowed.

They are reconstructing damaged tapestry. Such scale of tapestry may take up to 2 years to complete. Great work of details.

The Ladies' View Out Point
Traditionally, this is where the ladies of the royal court stood to admire view. 
In addition to beautiful garden against mountain backdrop, they would be looking over a constant flurry of humble activities in the field below.

The garden would be the one on the left..But I don't see any flowers...

One thing I really like about Stirling Castle is that they actually provided alot of interactive features which allow us to understand the culture better.  In Stirling Castle, there is an area which they have a few separate vaults which introduce different cultures in the Castle, like music, art, fashion, jester and etc.

Crushing of Cochineal Insects on cacti in South America for red pigments.

Crushing and waxing of blue stone from Afghanistan for blue pigments

And next, would be my main intention to go to Stirling Castle-- The Great Kitchen.

I became really interested in it after I read about the dining culture in the Historic Scotland magazine.
Just to share, 
The people in Scotland tends to call meal around 10am to 12pm as dinner, not lunch. 
That was because there were no artificial light in the past. They relied on faint daylight, especially during winter when the daytime is especially short. Therefore, they have to prepare for food early before the sun goes down. Whichever meal which comes after 12pm would be called as supper.
Also! Fish was luxury. 'O' I LOVE FISHHH

Bread making is a big thing yo.

fake eggs were so real.

That is all for the Stirling Castle.Not much, sorry.lol 
Anyway, we went to the Argryll Lodging slightly down the hill after that.
It showcases the living of the nobleman.

Big dining area.
Yep, Eating has never been much more important and pleasurable, no difference among any religion and race.

The writing room.

and in the room, there was this little box next to it.
Guess what it is.

It's a toilet bowl.lol
First thing that came to my mind was how comfy for them to sit on that cushion.
But kinda disgusting if you imagine what if the pee or poo got on the cloths.hahahaha

After that, we went walking around the Old town feeling the vibe.

Cohei standing in front of The Church of Holy Rude, which, closed.


The Old Town Jail was also closed on that day.


I think we were quite unlucky.
Maybe it was just me.
I always come across this kind of coincidences.
The evil power of my luck is so strong, so powerful.


I think the building behind were supposed to be the Old Town Jail, I guessed.

We sat in this garden for awhile for resting, or acting like cool and chill travellers.
And I took out my sketch book and drew this view.
I bet I looked pretty cool, like a real art student,
 but the drawings were actually out of proportion. lol

Some flowers.

Our final destination was the Smith Art Museum.

There was the oldest football in the world.

 Antique clocks.
Antique clocks are so nice... Reminded me so much of Ghibli or Alice in Wonderland (what??!)

Love it cause of the sophistication of design.

The Orrery!

At the end of the day, I bought two items.
One is this wall decoration- the weaving of the captived unicorn. 
Find it really meaningful. But still considering wether to give it to my parents for our new home in Penang or keep it for myself for my FUTURE HOME.lol

Also, I bought this mini guidebook to Clans and Tartan.

It surprised me that day that all these beautiful almost rocker tartan patterns actually represent different clans in Scotland in the past. And when mentioning clans, It means it also comes in with mottos, carrying its people's hope. Can't help it but to fell in love with the idea. If, I could find inspiration from the relationship of patterns and the ideologies behind.

The Stirling Tartan

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